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12GRADI: new complete bathroom project

12GRADI is a smart and innovative solution, an extraordinary furnishing project designed by Idelfonso Colombo for TDA. It addresses the need to improve movements within the bathroom, especially when space is limited.

The project seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. It was created with the aim to solve space issues without compromising style and it involves TDA’s three production divisions: shower trays, shower walls, and bathroom furniture.

Visual concept of 12GRADI


Gli angoli a 12 gradi, caratteristica distintiva del progetto, non solo contribuiscono ad una resa estetica accogliente e armoniosa, ma anche alla creazione di uno spazio audace e funzionale in pieno stile “Bold”. Maggiore fluidità nei movimenti, spazi ottimizzati e un’esperienza d’uso impeccabile. Un angolo risolutivo che, con morbidezza, si integra creativamente anche negli spazi più piccoli, garantendo un’elevata funzionalità.

The 12-degree angles are a distinctive feature of the project, and they contribute to a welcoming and harmonious aesthetic, while creating a functional space with an actual ‘Bold impact’. Better fluidity of movements, optimized spaces and a flawless user experience. A decisive angle that, with softness, can be creatively integrated even in the most tiny of spaces, ensuring improved functionality.

The innovative design of the entire project has led to the creation of a bathroom furniture piece, a shower tray, and two shower walls, without sharp edges and featuring rounded 12-degree angles. An exclusive form of contemporary and effective bathroom space design.

It is a multidivisional project that transforms the bathroom into an avant-garde space. Form and function make it ideal not only for private living spaces but also in hotels, B&B and such where every centimeter matters and efficiency is crucial.

Creativity, functionality and exclusive forms merge to create a unique and inviting space. 12GRADI transforms the bathroom into a place of extraordinary comfort and style.

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