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Hygiene in the bathroom, how to keep it clean

Wash your hands often, keep surfaces free of useless objects, disinfect furniture and accessories, change towels and robes… These are just some basic rules that help us keep our home, and especially our bathroom, clean.

But let’s see together some other tips that we should follow to make our house a healthier environment to live in.

To make the cleaning process easier and quicker and to improve the quality of your bathroom, it’s better to keep the top of the washbasin free and keep your toothbrushes and beauty-routine products inside a closed cabinet. As a result they will also be far from dirt, humidity and the droplets of water from your toilet.

TDA offers a wide variety of accessories and bathroom furniture, among which you’ll find what fits your need and your room like a glove: shelves, columns, open or closed, perfect to store brushes and toothbrushes; drawers and cabinets for spare towels, bathrobes and other big items. Even if you chose closed cabinets, it’d be better to keep them really clean, to avoid the proliferation of germs and to keep yourself from throwing away the hard work you put into cleaning the rest of the room. 

Cleaning the shower, technologies and materials. The shower is quite difficult to clean (and what a nuisance!), to make this process easier many of TDA’s showers come with a handy solution: the door can be quickly unlocked and removed, so that it’s possible to clean every inch, from the glasses to the seals, to the guides. Everything will be soon sparkling!

To make the chore of cleaning the glass even easier, TDA has created the Neverdrop® kit, an innovative, anti-scaling treatment  made of organic and inorganic nanoparticles that make it impossible for water to cling to the surface. As a result the cleaning the glass is an easier and quicker task, as the dirt and scale don’t cling to it, you’ll just need a soft microfiber or cotton cloth. If you don’t have a Neverdrop® Kit you could just turn to a grandma’s recipe: some warm white vinegar and a cloth. An old environment-friendly tricks that actually works. 

But the shower isn’t the only place that needs cleaning and maintenance, what about its accessories? Our accessories and shower trays are made of Arock®, a material made by resins and carbonated marble of different sizes, then covered by a coat of gelcoat. This material is used in the naval field and it makes our products bacteria, mold and stain resistant. 

Besides the shower, also the surfaces and tops should be kept clean and hygienic. One must keep in mind that each material requires different cleaning methods and products.

A general rule to clean the majority of cabinets, drawers, accessories, shower walls and complements for the bathroom is to avoid cleaning products that are too aggressive or chemicals, like chlorine or acids; it’s best to avoid rough sponges and metal wool. As a result it’s better to clean your bathroom with microfiber or cotton cloths with water or delicate, natural detergents. Generally there are few, simple rules and instructions to follow to keep the material intact in its looks and properties. 

Some examples. Both for wooden or lacquered furniture (with glossy or matte finish, it doesn’t matter) it’s always best to dry the surfaces after cleaning them; while to make stains go away from Silestone® and natural stone gentle detergents with water are more than enough. One of TDA’s composite materials, Arock® can be wiped clean with a soft cloth, water and natural products, without solvents. HPL is a material that’s widely used in the kitchen, as well as in the bathroom, for tops and surfaces: it’s water, scratches and wear resistant and it can be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle detergent. 

In conclusion, if you choose the right methods, detergents and ways to clean your bathroom, you won’t only have a clean and spotless bathroom, but your furniture and accessories will last longer and they will keep their original features for a longer time.