Many people often feel the need to have more space in their bathroom. They need it to store beauty routine products and whatever they use on a daily basis, from the toothbrush, to the towel; from the bathrobe, to the cleanser.
First of all if space is limited, it would be a good idea to use the vertical spaces with tall shelves or plain shelves made of Arock® placed vertically to accomodate towels, accessories and cleansers. They can be completed with a small shelf or a knob for towels. Moreover, the washbasin should be clear of everything, it’s a matter of hygiene and it makes the cleaning process easier and quicker. A good solution for small spaces could be the choice of versatile furniture, that can be used for many things and purposes, like wash basin base units and mirror cabinets.

Giusto. Haiku Wash basin base unit. Accessories made of Arock® and mirror cabinets

Side cabinets and wash basin base units
Side cabinets, wall units and and columns offer a lot of room, as they are sturdy and long-lasting, they are both practical and functional; side base units can be hanging or floor-standing and they can have drawers or shelves. Quite often the wash basin base unit is a necessity and inside its drawers or shelves one can easily store everything he needs for his everyday routine.
Bonus: it’s all hidden and the room will look a lot tidier.

Mirror cabinets and open-fronted elements
Mirror cabinets are a marvelous solution to store all the many small objects that otherwise end up invading your wash basin top. With many sizes and openings available, they will solve your space problem once and for all. When functionality alone isn’t enough to furnish a bathroom, open-fronted elements are perfect because they are elegant and discreet, they offer new spaces and they can be combined in many ways
Bonus: the space occupied by the mirror is put to good use and the whole room will look brighter.

Shelves and overlapping shelves
Everybody knows the classic shelf, ours come in many modern colors and to enrich it we found a way to overlap it with the mirror. The notched part of the shelf is covered in solid aluminium and placed in front of the mirror, which gives an appealing, dramatic look, besides offering a convenient space to place stuff next to the wash basin.
Bonus: this solution is practical and it suits every mood and budget.

Arock accessories
TDA’s composite material has allowed us to create highly versatile products, among these there are bathroom accessories and furniture. Arock has antibacterial properties, it’s stain, chemical and UV resistant and it also resists to many of the detergent normally used to clean the bathroom. As other products made of Arock (Here’s the article) TDA’s bathroom accessories are customizable and can come in the many colors of our palette.

Knob – it can be installed vertically or horizontally, a know is ideal for towels and bathrobes, as well as a good help for the area around the bidet.
Shelf – available in two different versions, our shelves made of Arock® are so much more than a simple shelf and it can be placed vertically or horizontally depending on the needs and the space available.
Tall shelf – Arock® columns has six shelves with different spacings and it can be installed in four different ways (two vertical and two horizontal)
All the accessories can be used inside the shower, too. They can come in contact with water, without getting ruined.

If the bathroom is really small planning is key: you need to think carefully about every element you’ll put inside. You could also create light effects to create the illusion of a bigger space. A solution could be to place in a clever way furniture and accessories too, but also mirrors (here a couple of ideas to place them)