When designing the home decor, special attention should be dedicated to the bathroom. The bathroom is indeed the best suited room where you can personalize the technical and aesthetic details that express your personality. The reason is clear: it is an intimate room where you pamper yourself with scented candles, essential oils, music and also with strategically placed plants making the whole place even more special.

Final details are clearly a matter of personal taste, that being said, it is important to remember that there are some guidelines to be followed when it comes to color choice. Let’s look at them.

How to choose a color for your bathroom walls

Before choosing the single items of the bathroom, you want to focus on walls. How do you choose the right color? The first thing to remember is the importance of not falling in love with the latest trends. In fact, they often suggest colors that do not harmonize with natural light.

This is the first thing on the checklist: the perfect colors for bathroom walls must respond well to natural light. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to check colors under artificial light.

The next step is about choosing your preferred style. What kind of look do you want for your bathroom? Modern? Classic? Shabby chic? There are many different color options available, from robin’s-egg blue to beige and pastel colors.

Obviously the color white is also worth mentioning, as it immediately reminds us of order. Do not choose white if you are going to have white suites, though! Ah, you do not necessarily have to have all the walls of the same color. For example, people who want to try something a little daring may choose to have a black wall and pair it with bathroom suites in lighter colors for contrast.

Shower or bathtub? A choice that can make a huge difference

Having a shower or a bathtub can affect the choice of colors for the bathroom. Each one can add a distinctive character to the room. For example, regardless of style, the bathtub is clearly linked to a desire to relax.

For this reason, if you decide to have one in your bathroom, you’ll want to choose colors that promote mental relaxation, such as green.

Bathroom colors: what are the latest trends?

When it comes to bathroom furniture and fittings and particularly the choice of colors, we are obviously talking about an evolving process. In recent years, we have witnessed frequent innovations in this area. Among these, we remember the foothold gained by floral and figurative patterns created by skillfully selecting tiles and, in some cases, even by tapping into the wisdom of master mosaic workers, resulting in a one of a kind bathroom.

How to choose the color of the shower tray?

The shower tray also plays a role in defining the character of the bathroom decor. Available in different shapes – to be chosen matching the style of the bathroom – it can be enhanced by carefully selecting the color. You can pick the main shade of other fittings or play with charming pigments.

Resin shower trays are just perfect for this, as they have pigments that wonderfully enhance colors when hit by light.