If you are designing your bathroom furniture, it is vital you pay careful attention to the shower enclosure. 

The current trend is towards minimalist frameless enclosures regardless of the style of the room. In spite of that, the various items in the bathroom should be carefully considered to create the desired look. The shower enclosure can effectively help you do that as it is naturally tied to the lightness of water. There is, however, an important difference to consider if you want to be successful: the difference between glass and crystal. Which is better for shower enclosures? To answer this question we need to thoroughly examine some points, provided you want your bathroom to become the perfect place, the best suited room in your house for those who want to pursue physical health and inner harmony. 

Difference between glass and crystal 

Let us explain an essential issue: the difference between glass and crystal. The first one is a material resulting from the melting process of a mixture of silicates including quartz and other chemicals. Crystal is glass that stands out for its special brightness. Such quality is not an accident, but it’s due to the content of lead oxide. The presence of this metal makes the crystal shiny as it increases refraction. Crystal contains at least 24 percent lead. That is the basic distinction between crystal and glass. Now let’s look at the details of how they differ. 

• The effects of lead on health – Imagine the most beautiful crystal you know. Almost certainly the Bohemian crystal. As you have just read, it is characterized by a significant content of lead. Exposure to this metal can cause different effects. Exposure to very low levels of lead on children may cause damage in cognitive development or hyperactivity disorder. On adults, prolonged exposure to lead can have adverse effects on blood pressure. 

• Beware of safety – Safety is a crucial subject to deal with when we talk about bathroom furniture and shower enclosures. Suffice it to say that the so-called ‘leaded glass’, or crystal, cannot be heat strengthened. This makes it unsuitable for shower enclosures as it doesn’t comply with the current regulations. Enclosures are made using float tempered glass. What does float mean? In the float glass process molten glass is poured onto a molten tin bath. The glass floats on the tin, and levels out as it spreads along the bath, giving a smooth face to both sides. And it can be tempered. Hardened glass has a mechanical strength that makes it easy to clean, a real change of life for housekeepers!