Keeping your  bathroom hygienically clean is a matter of respect for yourself and for the place you live in. It often takes time, especially if there are items such as the shower enclosure. Proper care and cleaning is the best way to ensure it long life. How? The first thing to remember is that daily commitment is paramount. You cannot escape from it! If you want your shower enclosure to stay shiny, remember to dry it after each use. That being said, let’s now see the tricks to clean each part of the shower. 

  • Seals: to prevent seals from blackening they should be constantly kept clean. How? Anold home remedy that is very simple but equally effective: a mix of lemon and hydrogen peroxide. The procedure is very simple: just cut the lemon in half and rub it with energy on the blackened part. You must then wipe with hydrogen peroxide (40 volumes), easily found in most supermarkets, and problem solved! 
  • Frosted glass:people who prefer frosted glass shower enclosure have their privacy ensured. Yet, it is good to remember  that frosted glass needs as much cleaning as clear glass even if you do not see it.  Why? Simply because the inside is as smooth as clear glass and requires the same care. 
  • Beware of cleaners:not all cleaners are good for your shower. In some cases, they could even damage the metal parts, therefore it is even better not to use them. Removing lime scale is most effectively done using lukewarm white vinegar. Harsh chemical products are not just bad for the environment, they also tend to leave horrible stains.  
  • Do not neglect the tray: the shower tray also needs proper cleaning, as it is particularly affected by time and moisture. It can be cleaned with white vinegar and lemon juice. This mix has extraordinary acid properties, which is perfect especially when it comes to eliminating limestone stains. To make the solution more effective you can add a few drops of dishwashing cleaner, and be sure to use the abrasive part of the sponge on ceramictiles only. Another option to clean ceramic shower trays is the pumice stone, which can be used as a brush to remove the rust. And lastly, you may consider to replace the tray. As a matter of fact, this is the best way to give new life to your bathroom and to indulge with choosing a high quality product, like an amazing Arock shower tray.