Shower enclosures: many options available

The design of the shower enclosure is key to the bathroom decor. At the first glance, its shape should convey the idea of lightness. Let’s not forget it is a “dress” for water. The choice of a shower enclosure can be a creative experience and an extraordinary adventure. Nowadays, there are several solutions for each type of installation that enable you to really indulge! You may choose for aesthetic appeal only, or also be looking at space optimization. Let’s see what the main types are. 

  • Alcove– Great for space saving is a shower enclosure with bi-fold doors, that is used when there is a wide entry to the shower. Much appreciated is the single or double “sliding doors”, which requires a roomy alcove, though.  “Hinged doors” offer a large entry space in very small alcoves. Finally, the “saloon doors” allow for minimum opening room. 
  • Walk-in– For a fresh and light design, you may opt for a walk-in shower. What is it? It is an innovative shower enclosure that features an open space, allowing for easier access.
  • Corner– Corner solution is the most classic and popular installation. It can be a corner shower cubicle or feature a one side panel with an alcove door. A particular solution is the corner on “curved” trays. And finally a three-sided enclosure can be formed using a fixed “side panel”. 

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