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Mirrors. How to choose and place a bathroom mirror

We perceive a bathroom as whole only when the mirror has been placed, which often happens in the final steps of the renovation process. That’s because mirrors are a crucial part of a bathroom’s decor; but a mirror is even more than a simple piece of decor and people should consider its functionality.

A mirror makes the whole room look complete, but also brighter.

If your bathroom is small, your mirror should reflect the light coming from the windows or, if your room doesn’t have any, the light of the lightbulbs. To make the space look bigger and brighter, one could also have facing mirrors installed. A solution could be a mirrored shower wall, our reflex, on one side, and a linear mirror on the other, above the sink. 

Italo shower wall – Reflex

If space is really lacking, one could even choose mirrored wall units or custom-made mirrors to fill every available inch in the room, without making it feel suffocating.

Choose a mirror that blends in well with the overall mood of the bathroom, a shiny finish usually fits well with modern rooms, while framed mirrors work well in classic bathrooms. If you’re looking for something special and colorful, then have a look at our collection Giusto: the mirrors come with a beautiful frame made of Arock®, which can be paired with any elements in your bathroom, thanks to its 35 colors available.

Usually the mirror used to be placed above the sink, nowadays there are no set rules: sizes and shapes can vary, although usually the mirror shouldn’t be longer than the bathroom cabinet composition. It surely depends on the final result you are looking for. The height of the mirror varies, too and it can be chosen according to the available space or the high of those who are going to use it. The bigger the mirror, the most comfortable it will be. 

As we’ve already said, the rules about the choice and placement of mirrors aren’t set in stone: there are many shapes irregular, round, rectangular or square. The shapes of the mirror and of the cabinets can be similar or completely different. 

A composition with a round mirror

The mirror should be well lit and you can choose among different options: an integrated or a wall light or even led strips on the upper top of the mirror. There are also backlit mirrors, that provide a dramatic and appealing light. Just remember to choose the light you prefer: a warm light is welcoming but not ideal for those who put their make up on in front of the mirror; a cold light makes everything stand out, literally everything (flaws too). And then there’s the natural light, it doesn’t alter colors, which makes it perfect for those who do their makeup; this type of light is usually liked especially by women, while men tend to prefer a colder light, much more useful when they shave. 

Once the choice of the mirror has been made, you just have to figure out how to clean it. A soft cloth with warm water and a drop of white vinegar may sound like grandma’s recipe… but it’s oh so perfect! 

Choose your favorite mirror and discover TDA’s furniture department.